III Points Festival has released its full lineup and its easy to see why it has become one of Miami’s best music festivals in the past couple years. From October 13th – 15th music fans all over the city were given quite a surprise once it was announced that Gorillaz were going to be one of the main acts for this years festival, as well as Richie Hawtin and The XX .

The full lineup has been released and it is definitely filled with some of the most in demand artists by Miami natives. Proper House Music is happy to be joining everyone for an amazing musical experience at this years III Points Festival.

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Lee Curtiss is coming to Miami for The Gathering at Do Not Sit on the Furniture. Come and get your fix of quality music from this artist who has made a name for himself creating primal, exquisitely deep and emotional dance tracks that pulse with life, sex, and humour, incorporating countless influences and genres but beholden to none. Supported by Neii Tei and Archila. Join Proper House on the dance floor.

Lee Curtiss (Visionquest | Detroit)




Each year on Memorial Day weekend, thousands of people from across the globe gather in the birthplace of Techno to celebrate the heritage of Detroit and its musical influence over countless generations, new and old.  Welcome to Movement Detroit, one of the longest-running dance music festivals in the world, committed to showcasing authentic music and providing an experience unlike any other.

Movement is a festival that is quite literally all about the music. Anyone who has attended knows that its unlike most festivals that focus on the visually pleasing aspects to a “mega-festival” as where Movement Detroit sticks to its underground industrial style and truly only focuses on providing a purely musically driven experience. The city is rich with history and its roots in Underground Electronic Music is one of the cities best contributions to the world. Join Proper House for Movement!

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Sunday, May 17th at McSorleys on Fort Lauderdale Beach, PHP is throwing its 8 year anniversary event featuring some of South Florida,s most prominent local artists as well as West coast talents from Locomotion, an event throwing company based in Fort Myers.
Get your dancing shoes ready for an amazing oceanside event.

Lineup is as follows:

Dubfire has revealed details of an expansive retrospective project titled Hybrid: A Decade Of Dubfire [2006-2016].

The Iranian-American DJ and producer, real name Ali Shirazinia, first gained recognition as half of Deep Dish in the ’90s and early ’00s before focusing on his solo career. He’ll release Hybrid through his own SCI+TEC label next month. The 42-track retrospective includes original productions such as 2007 hit “RibCage” and an unreleased tune from his Hybrid live show called “Dust Devil,” plus collaborations with Miss Kittin, and remixes of Nitzer Ebb, Plastikman, Audion, Radio Slave and Booka Shade. Shirazinia has also written sleeve notes with “personal reflections” for each track.

Hybrid will take a few different forms, led by a limited-edition box set featuring three slabs of wax (with 12 total cuts), a USB stick loaded with the entire set, two slipmats and a thank-you letter signed by Shirazinia. It’ll also come on separate three-disc vinyl and CD packs (the latter bringing together 24 tracks) alongside a full digital release.

01. Roadkill
02. RibCage
03. Emissions
04. I Feel Speed (Club Mix)
05. I Feel Speed (Alt Mix)
06. Rabid
07. Rejekt
08. Octvs
09. Debris
10. Slowburn
11. Exit feat. Miss Kittin
12. Midian
13. Dust Devil
14. Ride feat. Miss Kittin (Dubfire’s Ride)
15. Nitzer Ebb – Control (I’m Here) (Dubfire Jamrock Remix)
16. Nitzer Ebb – Control (I’m Here) (Dubfire Arrowhead Dub)
17. Nic Fanciulli – Lucky Heather (Dubfire Lucky 13 Remix Parts 1 + 2)
18. Robbie Rivera – Float Away (Dubfire Casaplex Remix)
19. Meat Katie & D. Ramirez – Stop The Revolution feat. Odissi (Dubfire Arrowhead Dub)
20. Smith & Selway – Transit Time (Dubfire Remix)
21. DJ Yellow – No More Enemie (Dubfire’s Dubstep Re-Edit)
22. UNKLE – Hold My Hand (Dubfire Remix)
23. UNKLE – Hold My Hand (Dubfire Dub)
24. Plastikman – Spastik (Dubfire Rework)
25. System 7 – Space Bird (Dubfire Deep Space Remix)
26. Radio Slave – Grindhouse feat. Danton Eeprom (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
27. Gregor Treshor – A Thousand Nights (Dubfire Quiet Storm Remix)
28. Booka Shade – Charlotte (Dubfire Remix)
29. Minilogue – Jamaica (Dubfire Remix)
30. Paul Ritch – Split The Line (Dubfire Mega Remix)
31. Plastikman – Plasticity (Dubfire Rework)
32. Davide Squillace & Guti – That Ginger Ponytail (Dubfire Remix)
33. Paperclip People – 4 My Peepz (Dubfire Rework)
34. Harvard Bass – Plex (Dubfire Rework)
35. Marc Houle & Miss Kittin – Where Is Kittin? (Dubfire Remix)
36. Figueroa & Obando – Riesling (Dubfire Remix)
37. the.art.of.Fy – Come feat. Asia Argento (Dubfire Remix)
38. Plastikman – EXposed (Dubfire Remix)
39. Barem – A (Dubfire Remix)
40. Hot Since 82 – Leave Me (Dubfire Playa Remix)
41. Joseph Capriati – Fratello (Dubfire Remix)
42. Audion – Mouth to Mouth (Dubfire Remix)

Once upon a time Vinyl reigned supreme in the music world. DJs worldwide had to carry around tons of records just to play a few hours. As nostalgic and original of a feeling it is to play a vinyl only set with times comes change. The introduction to MP3 revolutionized the way people worldwide listened to and held onto music. DJs no longer had to carry hundreds of pounds worth of vinyl, rather most DJs now carry hundreds if not thousands of songs in a USB that can fit in a pocket. Equipment for DJing changed and adapted to the convenience of having the ability to plus and play for hours. The main difference between Vinyl and MP3 is vinyl will never go out of style. It seems MP3 format is coming close to the end due to the ability to have music downloaded at a much higher digital quality.

A German research centre that helped create the mp3 has terminated its licensing programme for mp3-related patents.

The Fraunhofer Institute For Integrated Circuits’s move has prompted plenty of articles declaring the mp3 “dead,” though the format has long been outdated by more efficient codecs like AAC. The institute has published a statement saying it ended the program on April 23rd. “We thank all of our licensees for their great support in making mp3 the defacto audio codec in the world, during the past two decades,” they say.

The statement adds that despite the existence of “more efficient audio codecs with advanced features available” the mp3 remains “very popular among consumers.” It continues: “However, most state-of-the-art media services such as streaming or TV and radio broadcasting use modern ISO-MPEG codecs such as the AAC family or in the future MPEG-H. Those can deliver more features and a higher audio quality at much lower bitrates compared to mp3.”



The Coco.FM and Espacio crews have come together to throw a special showcase at Treehouse, Miami with guest DJs, Casselz (Proper House Music, Slur Records) and Differ (B79Music & Prisoner Of Love).

Carlos Claros (CocoFM)
Alessandro Gozzo (Espacio)
Leyva (CocoFM)
Jay Toledo (Espacio)

Guest DJs
-Differ (B79Music , Prisoner Of Love)
-Casselz (Proper House, Slur Records)


Click for event page below:
CocoFM & Espacio Showcase

Proper House DJs Leuroy and Kemikhal Frequency are heading to Patricks Airforce Base for a music marathon hosted by some of the top Orlando locals. Get ready for fun in the sun as a long list of talent takes over the beach Saturday May 13th from 10am – 7pm at Cocoa Beach in front of Patricks Airforce Base.


Leo brasuca.
Carlos Mendonca
Andre Silva
Raul Boesel Riiqo & Gianx
Kemikhal Frequency
Philip Mims
Matheus Morilo


Ableton’s new website, “Learning Music“, offers an interactive introduction to electronic music production that will help get your productions heard, reviewed and possibly posted by Proper House Music. The tutorial contains seven chapters that address the fundamentals of writing music on a computer. It transposes many of Ableton Live’s user interfaces into the browser setting so that beginners can experiment with basic aspects of production for free.

Many problems in the ever growing music industry is a lack producers and of production authenticity. This new software will help create a more hands on way to learn how to produce that will hopefully be able to spark the creative thought process while also learning how to properly execute your thoughts into actions. Although many producers took years learning by either schooling or by just doing on the fly, this software will guide many who are still “learning the ropes” on how to navigate the Ableton software and spend less time on figuring it out the hard way.